Tuesday, August 2, 2011

butter london

i discovered this fabulous nail lacquer while on holiday and i couldn't be happier for it!  what i especially love about the 4ozs of sweet color is they contain NO formaldehyde, NO toluene, NO dbp, and NEVER have! how is that for being environmentally conscientious and kind to your skin? the colors offered are so chic, rich but classic and while they're a wee bit pricey they are worth every penny you spend. the lacquer glides so beautifully on the nail, it makes polishing your nails effortless. butter london has their new autumn/winter 2011 collection available here  http://www.butterlondon.com/

(image by way of butter london)

don't you just love the names they gave the colors?  "no more waity, katie", "knees up" (brit slang for a drunken party) and "wallis" in honour of the saucy american who stoll the king's heart! the website offers a "butter london dictionary" to reference just in case your british vocabulary has escaped you. "la readers" what are you waiting for? say, "i'll have them all" and begin polishing those fingers and tootsies...enjoy!


  1. My niece was just in town and I gave her a pedicure. She let me know that my nail polish collection was unbelievably boring because there were no blues or greens or fun dark colors. She'd think you were way cool.

  2. Oh my gosh! So pretty. This makes me want to rush out and get some nail polish right away!