Friday, September 9, 2011


i've been lusting over (for weeks ) owning a pair of suede, short, wedge boots. my dilemna was not whether i should purchase them, but which ones would i purchase. i've examined carefully, at length, boots online, in the stores, and while reading my favorite catalogs and magazines. and then...two weeks ago, while shopping my local tjmaxx i spied with my little eye, a pair of suede boots waiting for me to love them. i hurried to try them on (you know that rush of excitement that comes over you when you first see something you love) and while admiring them on my feet i hear another shopper lend the remark, (as always my experience when i'm in tjmaxx) "oh i love those, where did you get them?" so, i pause, and in my mind i'm thinking, right here in the shoe department where you're standing, but i refrain from responding like a "bitch" because karma can be a bitch, too! the style, color, and construction of the boot was exactly what i was in search of, hence, they followed me home. and i since have learned these boots are offered in a platinum/grey, berry/burgundy and black colors too, so i'm considering purchasing the platinum/grey ones. i love boots, i love coats, i love scarves and hats. well, i really love all things when it comes to clothes but that's another post entirely. come spring 2012, i'm attending NYFW come hell or high water!

(introducing effie by sam edelman)

(and i found these)

(and these too!)

(and what would a day at tjmaxx be without a new purse?!)
(disclaimer: not all shoes were purchased at my local tjmaxx stores, on the same day. all items were purchased the months of july and august (though none worn yet - smile) the cheetah peep-toe, wedges were purchased in boston. what i know is tjmaxx stores primarily carry the same merchandise. some stores will offer unique finds based on the statistical characteristics of the population.


  1. I adore TJMaxx. I believe two of my recent shoes and quite a few autumn sweaters came from there. Score for you!

    I love wedges..and the black bootlets are especially endearing!

  2. ,,,hello MaryMary, thanks for joining me today. i too, "adore" tjmaxx, isn't it so much fun, upon a visit, to have no expectation of what you're seeking and what you might pleasantly be surprised to find?,,,for as much time as i spend in tjmaxx (i'm not particular i'll shop any tjmaxx), what i most love is the seek 'n find in these stores and their sister stores marshall's and home goods store,,,i find everything from soup to nuts and this blog is my venue in which to share my shopping finds,,,honestly, i haven't been very consistent with my posts. autumn is my favorite season and the love i have for clothing worn this time of year will help me to stay on task and post more style/fashion finds,,,(smile) have a beautiful day!,,,

  3. I like to think of them all as little treasure hunts. Truthfully, I don't think I love shopping for the sake of "having" new things so much as "finding" the "perfect" thing. I donate as quickly as I purchase it turns out. :) But is there anything like finding the perfect polka dotted lined dog basket you didn't even know you needed? :)

  4. j'adore le sac en bas