Thursday, September 29, 2011

"that girl"

"that girl", was one of my favorite television shows to watch when i was a little girl even though i was really too young to understand the story.  i remember loving everything about "ann marie" and secretly wishing i was her, a gal living in new york, aspiring to be an actress, a model who owned a great wardrobe and a boyfriend named "donald." well, maybe not so much donald; in fact, scratch that donald boyfriend, he's not my type.  (smile)  remember ann's whine, her constant crying and tears, donald her boyfriend who was always nagging her and ann's father?  thinking about the show makes me smile.  i can still hum the little "jingle" they played at the beginning of the show.  i'm thinking about purchasing the series from amazon, it might be fun to watch the series all over again, take a trip down memory lane.  does anyone remember "that girl", did you watch the show? 
ann marie and her boyfriend "donald"

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