Tuesday, November 29, 2011

correspondence to st. nick

dear santa claus,
have you had a nice year? how was your summer, did you go sailing? how is your golf game coming along? how is mrs. claus? i'll admit, (because you know these things) i haven't been, through the year, 100% good. i try my hardest to put my best foot forward, but sometimes i fall short. i thought rather than avoid the truth about my behavior i would just be forth right and write you an honest letter. does that win me any points? i know you get christmas wish lists, upon christmas wish lists from good boys and good girls, and adults who have been good and some who have not. really santa, i need nothing BUT i sure would love to have a classic chanel 'quilted flap bag' in black lambskin on a chain. i can suggest precisely where to purchase this handbag in the event your workshop doesn't have the same item *in stock.* most people would promise never, NEVER to ask of you another thing if they receive this gift on christmas morning. i cannot do that santa, i cannot promise i won't wish and ask for other things. what i can promise is that i will be the happiest girl in the world if i were to unwrap a gift to find this precious handbag tucked inside. pretty please santa, i promise to be real good next year!  


  1. Ohhh I really love your blog - I've been a reader for some time now. It's fun and pretty!!


  2. Lucija, so kind of you to leave such a sweet message! I don't devote as much time as i would like to my 2 blogs, but have promised myself in the coming new year (2012) to go the distance! i'm living life and making merry these days, during this most wonderful time of year. merry, merry and all things bright to your and yours! xoxo

  3. mary, no vintage. i've asked santa this year for the exact handbag from chanel's 2011/2012 collection. i've been a good girl this year, not perfect but good. (smile) be merry, be bright and fill your holidays with plenty of fa-la-la-la-las! xoxo