Saturday, November 12, 2011

friday fashion finds

friday fashion finds are brought to you, today saturday, november 12, a wee bit late.  the weather the past couple of weeks has been beautiful but while i love my shopping, and make no excuses for it, on days when the weather is beautiful i refuse to be indoors. i would rather be hiking a mountain, kayaking the potomac, riding my bike, strolling about an outdoor market, dining al fresco or sauntering about georgetown university and acting like a college student all over again. the "finds" in this post have been acquired over the course of the past couple weeks. the socks (i'm gaga over legwear) were purchased last evening. it was the perfect item to purchase, that would actually fit well, after dining at "five guys burgers and fries." if you aren't familiar with five guys, i'm warning you now, don'!  don't get started, because you won't be able to stop yourself. we had to put ourselves on a five guys budget "only once a month." and do yourselves a favor, if you elect to have a burger and fries don't get all curious and inquisitive about the calories associated with the food items. you've been warned...if you learn about the calories, you will cry like a baby.

love me some polka-dots

driving gloves, like butter

preppy still lives in me

boucle` evening coat perfect for theatre but would pair well with skinny jeans

i fall in love with the details

CK faux leopard vest w/satin sash so yummy i couldn't resist

a bargain find @ target $4.98...really! so what if it's not my size i'll wear a cami underneath

told you...for real!
the rage...metallic lacquer

"glitterland" by OPI

georgetown university and autumn in her glory

welcome to georgetown university where everyone is smart


  1. MMMM--cole haan! Love them. And I just bought some metallic polish too...hope you get more use out of yours than I do out of mine. I haven't painted my fingernails since 1999. :)