Friday, January 20, 2012

friday fashion finds

give me an "H"...

before the holidays i stumbled upon these two sweaters in tjmaxx.  at first i hesitated making the purchase because of the rather obnoxious "H" that embellished the front of the sweater.  like most of my shopping experiences at tjmaxx, i put the two sweaters in my carriage to chew on the idea of owning them. as i steered the carriage up and down the isles (a bazillion times) i indeed decided i could put the two sweaters to good use. while i may, when wearing them, resemble my former days as a cheerleader i've put to good use both sweaters and "yes" i've been asked on more than one occassion "what does the 'H' stand for?"  i have paired the sweaters with skirts when i wanted to achieve the classic, prep school girl look and worn the sweaters with my boyfriend jeans when i prefer to be casual, warm and cozy.  they are fun, life is fun!

{tommy hilfiger sweaters, men's chaps blue & white checked shirt, mens black watch tartan scarf purchased from tjmaxx. timex classic watch, pearls and gold chain purchased many years past at various retailers}

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  1. Beautiful!

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