Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"limited edition" and "hello spring!"

"each brush takes on twice the application" ~ sonia kashuk

cheers! today the calendar introduces the season "spring" and i would like to introduce you to my new, sweet makeup brushes and woven clutch that came with the purchase. i know, how cool is that?

i've been wanting to purchase really good, i mean really really good make up brushes, for some time now. like the brushes at Mac. but when my "practical, conservative financial side kicks in", i refrain from doing so because well...the sonia kashuk brushes that i already own certainly serve their purpose. at various opportunities throughout the year (especially at the holidays) i've noticed SK unveils "limited edition" products and often i'm attracted to them as i was last week when i "eyed" these sweet "star-studded" brushes wishing for me to bring them home. so...i did! here's to the birth of a new season and all things pretty!
{{sonia kashuk - "star-studded, limited edition}}

{{sonia kashuk 7 piece brush set with cute clutch purchased at Target - current}}


  1. Do you like this combo of brushes? I have a older set of sonia kaskuk brushes and most of them are great, but I've lost a few from various trips and some of the other ones I don't really use that much.

  2. ,,,hello BDB! what really attracted me to this "set" was the robin egg blue color of the base. i probably will use one or two of the brushes the "shader, crease and eyeliner" brushes i have no use for. i'm going to display them in my powder room in a glass with glass beads, i think they'll be a simple addition to the all white decor. happy spring!,,,

  3. Great makeup brushes are wonderful! The SK ones look perfect!

  4. My sister is a makeup artist and she said many of the brushes on ebay are from the same maker as MAC. I've had the same MAC blush brush for 10 years so they are a good investment. Now that I'm back at Nordy's the discount makes the price a little easier to swallow. :)