Friday, April 27, 2012

friday and NYC fashion finds... secret (if you've been reading my blog) that i love tjmaxx. it's the the 'thrill of the find' that draws me to the shop, every time. wherever i travel, whatever 'neck of the woods' i find myself in, i manage to slip in a tjmaxx and find something wonderful, cheers to the max! i'm off to the 1000th tjmaxx store, which opened here in DC this week, hoping to score a few fabulous finds!

photos 1 & 2: "bianchi" italian leather flats (oh so comfy) purchased tjmaxx ny-wall st
photo 3: baubles from h&m ny-lexington ave
photo 4: tortoise shell buckle bracelet (love this classic bracelet) purchased la crasia ny-grand central station
photo 5: kate spade daisy meets bee ring purchased tjmaxx ny-wall st
photo 6: betsey johnson bracelet tjmaxx ny-wall st


  1. GREAT finds! I have a feeling I'm going to be at that tjmaxx ALL the time! So happy they opened in DC!

  2. I love all of it, especially the the tortoise belt buckle bracelet! awesome buys!