Wednesday, June 27, 2012

recent finds

it's summer and i'm feeling relaxed and a little apathetic towards my blog.  i haven't had much enthusiasm to "post." i've also not had much enthusiasm "to shop" and for readers who know me well, that's an anomaly, for me! i know my lack of wanting to shop comes from me having run out of room to store one.more.stitch.of.anything! there's "no room in the inn." every closet, drawer, shelf, floor space is occupied with wardrobe organizers. i have shoe organizers hanging from every door (front and back) i have plastic containers filled to the brim stacked high upon shelves, plus i've donated a fair amount of my wardrobe that doesn't suit my lifestyle anymore. i used to be a "buttoned-up banker" with more dark suits in my closet than i ever imagined. now, my wardrobe is more relaxed, and suits are not required. (smile) i receive the occasional invitation to wardrobe "swap parties", though i have yet to join in the fun.  the swaps that i've participated in have included girlfriends coming together with a few pieces from our closets to exchange, an excuse to sip wine and be in the company of each other.  i've contemplated selling my clothing on etsy, craig's list, or e-bay and while it sounds like the perfect way to "make more room", i've never followed through with the idea. hence, my visits to the clothing drop box convenient to my home. i have friends and acquantences who suggest if i "give it away" to think of them. and while i love the idea sharing with my friends, i'm mindful of the costs associated with shipping and mailing the items to the recipient versus the donation to the drop box. what works for you? what measures do you take to make room in your closets? do you donate? do you sell? please share, i hope to gather ideas and be inspired so that i can make room in my closets, support the economy and do more shopping!

"bueno" woven summer clutch  

dolce vita wedges
{bikini so teeny by essie on tootsies}

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