Monday, August 6, 2012

champagne with "kate"

i can't wait to sip "bubbly" in my new champagne saucers by kate spade.  i've been in search of the traditional glass for some time.  i refer to them as "traditional or saucer", some may refer to them differently.  i've been obsessing over owning champagne glasses that my parents use to sip from.  lo and behold, i found them and they're perfect.  with a little gold trim at the rim and "etched" dots, it was as if kate designed these sweet glasses perfect for me!  "oh!, thank you kate, you shouldn't have but i'm thrilled that you did."  cheers!
set of four kate spade champagne saucers

gold rim adds elegance, the dots add charm - perfect!
"twirl larabee dot fete" champagne saucers  


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