Thursday, August 16, 2012

patent ballet flats and "GCP"

the other day i went to "goodwill" with nothing in mind to purchase.  i've been in search of glass and or acrylic trays to use on my vanity, in the powder room, and for the adult beverage tray i'm assembling.
i stumbled upon this glass tray simply priced at $2.97 and immediately i laid my hands on it.  the only thing...the initials, "GCP" beautifully engraved on the tray do not represent my initials.  but who's a tray, it's glass, and i'm thrilled to have it to use on my vanity.  i wonder how "GCP" used the tray?  assuming the owner was "female", did she display her necklaces on it?  maybe she used it to arrange her parfums or her lip stains of many shades of red.  i love when my finds are not deliberate, but soley happenstance.
"GCP" glass tray & "essie" 2012 fall/winter mini's

nine west black patent "onhigh" ballet flats - "on sale"

simple gold detail at heel

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