Monday, September 17, 2012

scenes from the weekend

this weekend we jumped the gun, just a wee bit, and headed sunday to "homestead farms" to pick apples, and choose our pumpkins. we indulged in carmel apples, fresh, out of the oven still warm, blackberry pie and arrived home with a bounty of fresh vegetables. i love this farm. since we were a bit early in the season, technically it's not yet autumn (not until saturday 22)  the hayrides to the pumpkin patch were not operating. so we hiked, on our own, to the field of pumpkins and along the way visited the christmas trees, and the berry and apple orchards. we didn't come home with the half dozen flower mums we usually purchase because they haven't quite flowered and aren't for sale yet. in a couple of weeks everything will be available for purchase, and the farm will be in full motion. our excuse to return for a second visit!


have you ever seen a morning glory growing from an evergreen? or a grown man putting the apple picking bucket on his head? (in background)

peppers of all sorts

beautiful eggplant

plenty of red ripe tomatoes

not so scary scarecrow

welcome to...

our first pumpkin of the season, a baby one
flowers available for snipping from the farm and "no" they are not free, they charge per bag and i stuffed the bag

more flowers from the farm

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