Friday, September 7, 2012

"joy delights in joy"

if ever i possess an affinity for something, it's journals.  i don't know why i love them so.  some i've never even written in.  i love settling these notebooks on my desk.  or carrying one in my bag.  i  love "jotting" notes; especially, when the journal is cute and i have a beautiful pen resting between my fingers.  here's a "peek" at a few i've recently purchased.  i don't know if in the photo you can tell but the 3 books at the top of the photo have destinations written in the artistry of the building.  empire state building has at the top "broadway, bowling green, new york, canal street" etc.  paris eiffel tower has "paris, champs elysees, rue marbeuf, louvre" etc. and big ben clock tower has "london, islington, carnaby street, berkeley square" etc.  these journals make a lovely gift.  i can see gifting them to someone going off to college, or beginning a new journey, or moving abroad or just because. because they're so cute and i love their detail!
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