Wednesday, February 27, 2013

nate berkus

no secret, i'm attracted to nate berkus designs. do you have his recent book?  i love peeking into the lives of others especially when it comes to their homes. and you know that i most recently purchased this and couldn't get enough so i purchased two more designer pieces of "nate berkus for target." i love these sleek trays. i'm especially fond of their versatility. one day they may show-case my nail lacquer, jewels, et cetera and the next day i might switch it up completely and use them to house items for my bar cart or use as a serving tray. i love the sleekness of these lacquered trays, the fine detail of the hardware and guess what? they were very affordable. when not on sale they were not expensive but i just happened to get them "on sale" and that makes my find especially sweet. cheers! to two trays, a jewel box and nate berkus who manages to always get it right!

i'm reminded daily from this display to take time for myself

she's my FAV, she holds my hearts.

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