Saturday, June 4, 2011

TOMS; "one for one movement"

i love these shoes!  they're cute, comfy and when you purchase a pair of these canvas cuties the company will gift a pair to a child in need of shoes.  "one for one movement" now doesn't that just sound brilliant?  i'm really diggin' what this company stands for and if i were on the other coast (the west vs the east) i would beg them for a job, in fact, i would do the work "pro bono" that's just how much i love what this company stands for and the contributions they make. summer is around the corner (in some places, like arizona, summer has arrived ahead of schedule) and every summer wardrobe can use a pair of these.  treat yourself to a pair of TOMS and you'll be treating someone else to a pair too! happiness for you = happiness for another. TOMS are available for men and the "lil" ones too!


  1. Love Toms, great shoes for a great cause!

  2. cute yet comfy! I love the one with the leopard print!