Saturday, July 2, 2011

marc fisher

i'll admit, i have a large inventory of shoes too many that i've lost count and don't dare try to keep tabs on the number.  marc fisher, while he's not a complete stranger, i know very little about his shoes (which means i don't own many of his shoes)  this week, i sauntered into macy's department store (the metro/train makes it just that easy, macy's conveniently has an entrance at the train station) and much to my surprise they were  having a sale (as if all the stores aren't having sales these days)  and so, i did what i typically do, and i navigated first for the women's shoe department.  surely i don't need another pair of shoes (although this gal can never have too many pairs) but as i was approaching the department two pair of sandals commanded my attention; right away, and viola! they have now become the newest members in my collection.  what are you waiting for?  macy's is calling for your company, happy shopping!
love these shoes
cute, comfy and affordable


  1. love theshoes and you blog name is soo cute

  2. My last job was at Nordy's. You can imagine how tempting shoes are with an additional 30% off. :) Love platform wedges!