Friday, October 21, 2011

friday fashion finds

{RL clutch/wallet}

{DKNY faux fur vest}

{friendship bracelets}
{chanel inspired jacket w/pearl & tulle embellishments}
{leopard silk scarves, leather/twead gloves}
{grey silk skirt with chain embellishment at bottom}
{light-weight trench cape}
{L-blk/gry/tan knit scarf   R-blk velvet & tulle/faux fur scarf}

{leopard cross-over bag}
{camel wool cape w/faux fur detachable collar}


  1. Holy bought all of that in one shot? Nice finds! The older and more practical I get, the more convinced I am that crossover bags are one of woman's greatest friends.

  2. hello mary!, thanks for peeking in on FFFinds. did i mention i'm a shopper? (smile) yep, pretty much all in 1 day! the friendship bracelets i purchased in the course of a month. cross-over bags are the thing for me when i travel by way of metro, so very convenient and they allow for easy access and "look mom no hands" which is almost necessary when navigating public transportation in DC!,,,