Tuesday, October 25, 2011

seeing double

recently i purchased leopard print "smoking shoes."  just for the record, "no" i don't smoke, but i do love these flats and i love that they call this style a "smoking shoe."  doesn't it sound rather sophisticated?  in the day, people slipped on shoes of similar style (mostly velvet ones with a crest of some sort on the top of the shoe) and lounged in their libraries with a glass of brandy in hand, a cigar or cigarette in the other, and usually donning silk pajamas and or a silk robe.  oh the life!  now...where was i with this post?  oh yes, living in DC comfortable shoes are a "must have" and practical for sauntering about the city.  now for the funny story behind these two pair of flats.  they look the same BUT if you look real close 1 of the shoes is different from the others.  okay, maybe it's not as noticeable to your eyes as it is to mine.  perhaps i should have started this post with the disclaimer: "i'm very particular.  i'm fussy.  detail oriented and the small details matter to me." (smile)  so can anyone tell me which shoe is different?  and the difference?  when i purchased the 1st pair of shoes, immediately my eye noticed a significant difference in the leopard pattern of one of the shoes from the other.  i tried them on numerous times, and gazed in the mirror hoping the difference would not bother me so.  i even asked one of the store associates if she noticed the difference, she isn't as "fussy" as i am, her comment "it's not noticeable."  mind you i had to "coach" her on what i was hoping she would notice.  (smile)  i just couldn't get past the difference BUT i purchased them anyways...huh?  well, a few days later i'm shopping in yet another store (a competitor to the first store where i purchased the first pair) and lo and behold found another pair of the same shoe appearing to my eye to be a better match, satisfying my appetite for the details.  (smile)  so...i made a second purchase of the same shoe!  surprised?  those who know me well, who will read this post, will NOT be surprised.  at this juncture in the story most of you are probably thinking, okay so take back the first pair.  well, not so fast.  i wore the mis-match pair, 1 time, (when we went to dinner and we walked quite a bit  downtown) they've been baptized, hence can't be returned.  while at dinner that evening our server, after introducing herself, suggested that "all the girls here love your shoes."  (silently i chuckled inside and thought "and do they love that one shoe is so different from the other?")  oh well...now i have two pair of the same shoes.  anyone else out there in the fashion blogger community have a similar story?  or am i simply crazy? (smile)

{don't adjust your computer screen you're not seeing double}

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  1. That's hysterical. I might be tempted to do that if I truly, truly loved something. I can't see a thing wrong with any of the 4 shoes though!